Catalogue of Exhibition "Heritage (in a) Supermarket"

From the Catalogue of Exhibition "Heritage (in a) Supermarket":

"Heritage (in a) Supermarket (Exactly:You:On (the) Shelf) raises many questions. Questions that are not easy to be answered and those that the official guardians cannot agree about nor provide simple answers.
Heritage (in a) Supermarket examines the relationship of an individual and the collective agreement embodied in heritage, as well as the situation where these two meet. It examines the relationship of elite
and democratic approach. It is important to point out that Heritage (in a) Supermarket as an experiment offers no answers. It provokes further thinking on the set topic and considering potential boundaries. It
studies the actors, addresses mixture of disciplines, science and art, installation and ethnographic heritage, living word and visual impact, debate and its absence, idealization, nostalgia and emotion versus objectification.
Finally, Heritage (in a) Supermarket examines the role of the education system that is necessary for the museum communication, speculates about the pedagogical and educational museum methodologies and their meaning. It asks whether a
visitor should learn from the museum, what and in what way, and whether the model of mutual learning is possible in reality and practice.
And, lastly, Exactly:You:On (the) Shelf raises the question of a modern curator. How does he work and for whom?
And how much is his profession worth for the society? Finally, what is the real price of his work at the culture market and the market in general? Yet finally, let us recall that “everything is for sale”!"


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